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Climate Challenge Fund Ideas Bank is open

Organisations, such as local authorities are invited to submit templates of eligible Climate Challenge Fund projects to the Ideas Bank, which community-led organisations can use to prepare a CCF application.

The innovative Ideas Bank was originally introduced in 2013. It helped to extend the reach and increase the impact of the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) by sharing the expertise of organisations previously not eligible to apply for CCF funding with community-led organisations. 

Eligible CCF project templates were submitted by 'Proposing Organisations', including local authorities and national charities. Community-led organisations used these templates to prepare an application to the CCF in partnership with the Proposing Organisation and paid them to provide specified support and resources.

Keep Scotland Beautiful manages the CCF on behalf of the Scottish Government and is reopening the CCF Ideas Bank. We invite Proposing Organisations to again submit templates of eligible projects which community-led organisations can use to prepare an application to the CCF in partnership with the Proposing Organisation.

Horshader Community Growing Project was the first to be awarded funding through the Ideas Bank in 2014. Horshader Community Development partnered with Western Isles Council to submit an application for CCF funding using their Ideas Bank template which offered a range of support and expertise. The result was a successful application for a community growing project which helped to reduce local carbon emissions and meet objectives of the community and local authority.

Find out more about how to submit a CCF Project Template to the CCF Ideas Bank.

04 July 2017

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