Big Wheels Keep on Turning

Tweeddale Youth Action video celebrates project activities

Tweeddale Youth Action, in the Scottish Borders was awarded a grant of £97,734 from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund in 2016 to run the Big Wheels Keep on Turning project.

The project included opportunities for young people to take part in innovative initiatives to reduce local carbon emissions including:

  • Food punks - promotion and preparation of local food
  • Bike punks -  promotion of travel by bike instead of car with bike repair lessons 
  • Craft punks - repair, upcycling and exchange of textiles and other waste

You can find out more about the project, which ran until April 2017, in the video produced by Tweeddale Youth Action.

You can find out more about Tweeddale Youth Action via their website.

You can view video case studies and currently funded CCF projects at www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org/ccfinaction

02 May 2017

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