A year in partnership with KNZB to help our global environment

This #ScotClimateWeek we are celebrating and re-affirming the partnership we established with Keep New Zealand Beautiful a year ago.

Back in 2021 we pledged to a closer working relationship signing a partnership agreement committing us to share our expertise in key activity areas to benefit communities on both sides of the globe.

Since then our award winning Upstream Battle campaign has been reframed for the audience and launched in New Zealand.  You can find out more about Upstream Battle in Scotland and Upstream Battle in New Zealand on our websites.

Our pioneering Climate Ready Classrooms accredited training course has been adapted and adopted to help students become climate ready in New Zealand too.

Looking ahead the two environmental organisations will work closely on sharing research and data on litter and jointly seek new innovative solutions to address litter which impacts communities in both countries.

Barry Fisher our CEO recently met with Poto Williams MP Minister of Conservation with New Zealand Government for a walking meeting in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh recently.

He said, “We recognise that local solutions can be shared to make a global impact and we are thrilled to see that Keep New Zealand Beautiful has already launched two programmes which we have enjoyed seeing empower communities to take action here in Scotland.

“We are looking forward to taking learning from New Zealand and embedding it in what we do here, as we share our research and data on litter and jointly seek new innovative solutions to tackle the litter and littering behaviours.”

Heather Saunderson, CEO of Keep New Zealand Beautiful said, “While Aotearoa/New Zealand is half a world away from Scotland, there are huge similarities in the environmental challenges both countries face and in the ways we can help make our populations more climate literate.  We’re grateful for our partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful who have shared expertise, methodologies and advice on programmes which have since been successfully adapted for use on our side of the globe.

“This sharing has helped Keep New Zealand Beautiful launch programmes to help empower our young future leaders to take climate action, and to collect robust data on how litter makes its way from source to sea, each in ways that helps to paint a global picture.

“Keep New Zealand Beautiful in turn looks forward to sharing our own insights and programme resources as they evolve.”

Scotland’s Climate Week is an annual event, which we have supported with activity since 2016. Each year we have scaled up our contribution with the aim if making more impact than ever before so we can support Scotland’s ambition to become a Net Zero Nation as soon as possible.

You can read more about our partnership agreement.

27 September 2022


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