Young Reporters screen marine litter concerns

Two videos depicting the pathway of litter and its detrimental effect upon the marine environment have been produced by young people.

Pupils from Dumbarton Academy and Shawlands Academy produced the videos showing how litter discarded on land finds its way to the River Clyde.

The damaging effects of litter on land to our waterways is the primary focus of Upstream Battle, our ambitious campaign to stop marine litter by tackling it at source across the Clyde Valley.

Video One: Dumbarton Academy (2:19)

Video Two: Shawlands Academy (3:25)

The videos premiered at our Upstream Battle Week of Action screening of a ‘Plastic Ocean’ at the Glad Café in Glasgow to a sold-out audience.

The schools, both situated in the Clyde Valley, produced the videos with support from Young Reporters for the Clyde (YRC), our initiative marrying Upstream Battle with our Young Reporter’s Scotland (YRS) programme.

Young Reporter’s Scotland gives young people aged 8 – 26 the opportunity to investigate and report on an environmental or sustainability issue which matters to them, empowering young people to make their voice heard.

Young Reporters for the Clyde seeks to specifically empower young people in the Clyde Valley to explore what can be done to tackle marine litter in their local community. The YRC initiative was made possible through the generous support of the Scottish Government.

Each school received training days which covered an introduction to environmental and sustainability issues, with a focus on marine litter and Upstream Battle campaign.

Additionally, the children were shown practical planning and filming techniques; on-location filming advice and editing support. Between sessions pupils worked on planning films, organising interviews, storyboarding film ideas and creating shot lists with the support of their teacher.

The films below represent innovative young people in the Clyde Valley/West Partnership interrogating pressing issues, potential solutions and working together to deliver their own unique creative perspective on the issue.

Pupils involved in the programme will become ambassadors for Young Reporters across Scotland.

25 September 2019

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