Ayr businesses take My Beach, Your Beach pledge

Two Ayr businesses have signed up to the My Beach, Your Beach campaign - pledging to help keep Ayr beach clean, raise awareness of pollution and take steps to minimise their own impact on the local environment.

The My Beach, Your Beach campaign has been running at beaches across Scotland, including Ayr, for the second year this summer. The campaign aims to raise awareness of pollution and its impacts on water quality - from dog fouling and litter, to feeding gulls. 

Sandgate based Unity Grill and Crunch Salad Bar on Alloway Street have signed up to the campaign and committed to three or more pledges.

Angela Iver at Unity Grill (pictured right) commented: 

“We work and live so close to the most stunning sandy beach so it’s easy for plastic to be blown from the street straight to the sea. We feel very strongly about not only protecting the beauty but also the life that depends on the sea for survival. We appreciate the current climate crisis and do what we can to negate our impact."

Businesses are being asked to sign up to the campaign and commit to three or more pledges. In return they will receive a supporter pack containing window stickers, posters and campaign materials. 

Councillor Siobhian Brown (pictured centre) commented: 

“There needs to be a change of littering culture mentality and we need to encourage a sense of civic pride in our area. Little steps can make a big impression on the appearance of our town and I am delighted that local businesses are signing up to Keep Scotland Beautiful’s pledge and taking responsibility for cleanliness of their area. 

“The council will continue with our commitment for waste management but this gives a perfect opportunity for local businesses and council to come together and see the impact we can make on our town all working together.”

Businesses are encouraged to pledge to: 

  • Try to use less single-use packaging and use more sustainable options instead.
  • Clean up the area outside our business every day.
  • Dispose of kitchen fats, oils and greases in an appropriate way, never down the sink or drain.
  • Display information in toilets about what can be flushed: “Only flush the 3 Ps – pee, poo and paper!”
  • Volunteer to help clean up beaches and encourage our employees to do the same.
  • Sign up to the Refill scheme and offer customers free water refills and promote re-usable bottles.
  • Provide and hand out dog poo bags.

Aoife Hutton, Project Officer at Keep Scotland Beautiful, commented:

“The My Beach, Your Beach campaign has managed to engage hundreds of people and deliver significant environmental improvements. It is great that these two businesses have managed to get on board. We hope that many more will sign up and help the campaign to reach new levels - improving Ayr Beach for visitors and local residents alike. 

“By signing up to the campaign businesses can take very simple steps to reduce their own environmental impact, minimise pollution and encourage even more people to do the same.” 

Businesses and organisations interested in signing up to the My Beach, Your Beach pledge can find more information here.

09 September 2019

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