Cup Movement® - Phase One Overview report published

We are proud to announce the publication of the Phase One Overview of our Cup Movement in Glasgow campaign, which ran from Jan 2019 - Mar 2020.

Launched at the start of 2019, Cup Movement is our ambitious, city-wide initiative that aims to transform Glasgow’s relationship with single-use cups -by addressing cup litter, improving cup recycling options and promoting reusable alternatives. By working across sectors, with those who make, supply, sell and use cups, Cup Movement seeks to establish a transferable model for creating systemic change and finding solutions that work.

The Phase One report outlines successes and learning achieved during this period, with highlights including:

  • The establishment of a network of members from across sectors
  • An awareness-raising campaign around cup waste issues among the people of Glasgow
  • The collection for recycling of up to 500,000 single-use cups, which otherwise would have ended up in landfill, the incinerator or as litter

We are extremely grateful to our partners, funders, members and supporters for helping to make Cup Movement a success so far.

Ultimately, Cup Movement has laid essential groundwork for starting to address cup waste at scale in the city of Glasgow. Although plans for further work were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic following Phase One, we still regard this campaign as extremely topical and valuable in the context of the climate crisis and establishing a circular economy and intend to resume activity as a matter of priority once circumstances allow.

The publication of this report is a first step in this process. You can read it on our important publications page, here.

If you are interested in working with us on single-use cups or other single-use items, please get in touch.

22 October 2020

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