Greenock community volunteer is our October hero

Sally Clough from Greenock has been presented with our Clean Up Scotland ‘Hero of the Month’ award in recognition of her efforts to support our Upstream Battle Campaign along the Clyde.

Sally received the award for her work with Belville Community Garden, an Upstream Battle Anchor Group – one of many volunteer groups working to monitor the litter levels along the Clyde and other rivers that flow into it. Sally has been leading the group to monitor the Lady Burn, a tributary of the Clyde - collecting important information about the types and amount of litter that is there.

As part of the Upstream Battle Week of Action, which took place in September, Sally arranged a large scale Clean Up event along the Lady Burn by Craigend Resource Centre in Greenock. The event attracted nearly 50 people and saw around 40 bags of rubbish, and a number of flytipped items including scooters, a clothes horse and chairs, being removed from the area - stopping it from entering the river and drifting to the sea.

Sally said, “I have been the Environmental Officer at Belville Community Garden for three years now and I’ve lived in Inverclyde my whole life, it really is a wonderful community to be a part of.

“The Upstream Battle campaign truly brings out the community spirit that we all benefit from around here. It was a superb turn out on the day, great to see so many different sectors of society working together and enjoying the experience. We recovered over 40 bags of rubbish and many large items from the Lady Burn, including five children’s scooters from the single 100m stretch of water way!”

Upstream Battle ambassador Elaine Hopley presented Sally with her award. Paisley-born adventurer, Elaine,  held the Guinness World Record for the fastest solo female in an open-class boat in 2017. 

Elaine commented: “Sally sets a fantastic example and I only hope that many more people follow suit. Pick up existing litter and stop dropping any more. It is only with this type of widespread behaviour change that we will manage to protect our oceans, rivers and streams.”

Our Upstream Battle campaign, in partnership with RECOUP, is raising awareness of the role that litter from the land plays in ocean litter accumulations and is taking practical action to reduce the problem.

Louise Broatch, our Campaign Project Assistant, congratulated Sally: “Thanks to Sally many more people are aware that a drinks bottle or crisp packet carelessly discarded on our streets has a fair chance of ending up in our rivers and polluting the ocean. We hope that many more people will consider their actions and help to look after our river, protecting our seas.”

We encourage everyone to get involved in our Clean Up Scotland campaign. 

08 October 2019

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