Glasgow cup users thirsty for change

100 people pledge to #TakeItBack and #ChooseToReuse in new initiative.

We were at Glasgow Central station on Monday 21 October to promote a new initiative that has just launched in the city centre to increase cup reuse and recycling rates in participating stores.

Our research shows that customers across Glasgow are being faced with a daily challenge when trying to dispose of their single-use cups. According to recent polling, although 73% of people in Glasgow drink from single-use cups, only 12% of them have managed to recycle their cups properly, highlighting the complexity that surrounds one of the most common single-use items in circulation.

Across Greater Glasgow it is estimated that 95 million single-use cups are used every year. Despite 70% of people having tried to recycle their cups, a lack of awareness and suitable facilities means that almost two thirds have been unable to do so.

To tackle the problem, we have partnered with Costa, Starbucks, McDonalds and Pret to highlight their in-store cup recycling facilities, which are available for any cup no matter where it was purchased.

Launching today, the #TakeItBack initiative, will encourage the people of Glasgow to recycle their cups at any of the 68 Glasgow city centre store locations where cup recycling is available. The campaign will also highlight that using a reusable cup is the best option for reducing cup waste, with customers being encouraged to #ChooseToReuse.

An online map showing over 100 city centre locations where reusable cup promotions and take-back recycling facilities are available, can be accessed here: www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org/takeitback.

To launch the initiative, the Cup Movement campaign team were at Glasgow Central station, engaging people to pledge to take part, in exchange for a free campaign rCup - a reusable cup made from recycled cups.

Paul Wallace, our Campaigns and Social Innovation Manager, commented: “There is a demand for better cup recycling facilities, people are clearly thirsty for change. I hope that this initiative will encourage more people to #TakeItBack and increase the number of single-use cups being recycled.

“If we are serious about reducing the millions of single-use cups that are being used and discarded in Scotland every year we need to increase reuse and recycling behaviours. We hope that by encouraging people to #TakeItBack and #ChooseToReuse this initiative will help people make more sustainable choices.”

The initiative will also be supported by Glasgow City Council, who will be adding the #TakeItBack message to the blue on-the-go recycling bins in the city centre which don’t accept coffee cups.

Councillor Richardson, City Convener for Sustainability & Carbon Reduction, said: “The Cup Movement in Glasgow is about reducing the consumption of disposable cups, promoting reusable alternatives and making disposable cups easier to recycle. Glasgow City Council was the first organisation to sign up and has already incentivised the use of reusable cups at its facilities, with staff being encouraged to make use of the offers available.  Throwing away a disposable cup is a waste and I hope this event encourages more people and businesses to get on board and help spread awareness of this crucial campaign.”



21 October 2019

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