Charging ahead in the battle against single-use cups

With around 200million single use cups being used and only approximately 4% recycled in Scotland annually we have welcomed a proposed charge on single use cups in Scotland, announced today, 18 October.

The move will be brought forward in the Circular Economy Bill, with a consultation due which will explore, amongst other things, the charge level.  We were delighted that our Cup Movement was mentioned in the Scottish Government's response to EPECOM report and we’ll continue to work with others to reduce cup waste.

Catherine Gee, our Operations Director said: “We welcome the announcement that the Scottish Government will consult on introducing a charge on single-use drinks cups in Scotland under proposed new legislation.  We are heartened by their recognition that no single measure will be effective on its own. 

“This is the ethos of our Cup Movement in Glasgow which recognises that we need a holistic approach - working with national and local government, businesses and communities to ultimately encourage people to switch from single use to reusable products. In the meantime, we need to make it easy for people to recycle effectively by providing infrastructure.”

The proposal to address the challenge of single use cups, is part of the Scottish Government’s programme to reduce Scotland’s reliance on single use items, and to reduce the valuable raw materials and CO2 emissions used in creating and disposing of them.

This announcement comes just days before we launch a new Cup Movement initiative in Glasgow to increase cup reuse and recycling rates.  

We are working with some of the biggest coffee chains - Costa, McDonald’s, Pret, Greggs and Starbucks - to either encourage customers to #TakeItBack to one of 68 city centre store locations to be recycled, or to #ChooseToReuse and make the switch from single use to reusable cup as the most sustainable option.

18 October 2019

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