Zero Waste Scotland presents at Lochaber Chamber’s Ideas Week with a focus on business food waste reduction.

Lochaber Environmental Group, of the Highland Community Waste Partnership is delighted that Gerry Boyle from Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) delivered an interactive session on food waste reduction for businesses on 14th November in Fort William as part of the Lochaber Chamber of Commerce Ideas Week. 

Gerry has extensive experience of working within the hospitality sector and fully understands the pressures faced related to food preparation and service. His focus is to raise awareness about business food waste and highlight the money-saving aspects possible when reducing waste as well as the environmental impact.  The session was aimed at businesses and introduced the ZWS Business Food Waste Toolkit, and the tailored, individual support that Gerry can provide businesses if they take this up.

Lesley from Lochaber Environmental Group has been working with Reina Edmiston from the Highland Good Food Partnership, Mark Gibbings from the Lochaber Chamber of Commerce and Gerry to bring Gerry’s expertise to Lochaber and introduce his work to hospitality businesses.

Gerry was asked why a session on food waste was needed. He replied:

Well, food waste doesn’t grab the headlines as much as it should. Food waste to landfill releases methane which is much more harmful to the atmosphere than CO2. To put it in to perspective… If food waste and loss were a country, it would be the third largest greenhouse gas emitter after China and the US. Food for thought there, pardon the pun.

Food waste reduction may ‘seem’ to be a lower priority for your business right now but there are tangible savings to be had and, with costs increasing and margins shrinking, any cost savings would be welcomed. With my business hat on, saving on waste will positively impact my bottom line, so why not? 

Highland Community Waste Partnership Coordinator, Georgina Massouraki, said:

“Businesses have a key role to play in reducing the impact of food waste on our environment and our communities, which is why the Highland Community Waste Partnership welcomes this new Toolkit. We are delighted that Lochaber businesses will have the opportunity to engage with, and benefit from, the toolkit and we look forward to continuing to promote and support it through the Partnership.”

For more information about how the Highland Community Waste Partnership is encouraging businesses to reduce food waste, please visit the Highland Community Waste Partnership Food waste for businesses page.


14 November 2022


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