Royal Bank of Scotland clean up Sighthill Park

Scottish board members come together for a clean-up effort

Last week, we supported the board members of the Royal Bank of Scotland to come together for a litter pick in Edinburgh’s Sighthill Park. As part of our national Clean Up Scotland Campaign, the bank’s board members and KSB staff collected 59 bags of litter. Amongst the litter, they recorded some weird finds including a television and some burned college notes!

The litter pick took place ahead of a bank-wide volunteer week during which many other staff members will be volunteering in their community, including doing further litter picks.

Our research has revealed that 88% of Scots agree that litter is a problem across Scotland – and 70% are concerned about litter in their area. For those frustrated by litter in their community or the places they visit, supporting our Clean Up Scotland campaign is the perfect opportunity to make a difference by picking up litter.

Catherine Gee, our Deputy Chief Executive, said,

We greatly welcome the commitment of the Scottish Board Members of the Royal Bank of Scotland, who joined us to carry out a litter pick and set an example to the entire staff team. Unsustainable consumption is driving the climate and nature crisis and leading to an increase in litter on the ground which is why volunteering to improve our environment is so important. We are delighted to support this positive engagement which is good for people, nature and business. I’d like to urge everyone to get involved and help make the places we care about cleaner and safer”.

Judith Cruickshank, Scotland Board Chair, Royal Bank of Scotland, said:

“We always say that climate action is a team game: to achieve our ambitions for Net Zero requires collaboration and partnership, and we were delighted to work with Keep Scotland Beautiful to clean up Sighthill park.

“Our litter pick kicked off the start of a week-long activity programme, on the anniversary of COP26 for which we were a principal sponsor and ahead of COP27. Our ‘One Week in November’ campaign is encouraging bank colleagues to come together, get out into our communities and help improve our local environments by taking action close to home.

“We were shocked to have collected 59 bags of waste from the park in just a few hours. A lesson that we’ve taken away from today is that a significant impact can be made in a small amount of time. We are proud that climate action is a defining mission for the bank and we look forward to continuing to work with Keep Scotland Beautiful.”

If you’d like to find out more about our Clean Up Scotland campaign and how you or your business can make a positive difference check out our website or contact us directly.

10 November 2022

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