Make this the season to reduce, repair, reuse and recycle

This Friday heralds the start of a season when the hype to buy new stuff that we may, or may not need kicks off in earnest. For every new item produced, there's an environmental impact in its production, transport, usage and disposal.

Happily, there are some very practical alternatives to buying new stuff. We're pleased to celebrate Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) projects that are helping people to repair and reuse stuff they do have, borrow what they don't and recycle things responsibly at the end of their lifecycle. Why not find out more or get involved?

Repair Cafe Glasgow are saving a wide variety of broken items from landfill by offering Repair Cafe sessions at locations including Kinning Park Complex. The project is also helping the community to develop practical DIY skills so they can fix their own possessions and learn more about climate change.

The Transition Stirling Tool Library works just like an ordinary library, except instead of borrowing books, all sorts of tools and other equipment are available to borrow.

R:evolve Recycle, run by LEAP (Lightburn Elderly Association Project), South Lanarkshire utilise the experience found within the older generation, bringing back a 'make-do-and-mend' culture. The project is making swapping, sharing and upcycling a natural part of high streets in South Lanarkshire and is currently offering a package of swap shop start-up training.

Lots of CCF projects have helped to recycle materials at the end of their life, with examples including ReThink MESS run by Mull and Iona Community Trust who have installed recycling bins and have a 'Big Hanna' food waste composter on the way.

Find out more about currently funded CCF projects tackling waste on our interactive map.

29 November 2019

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