Glasgow group are streets ahead

Bank Street and Area Residents and Traders Association praised for their litter picking efforts.


We have presented Bank Street and Area Residents and Traders Association (BARTA) with our Clean Up Scotland ‘Hero of the Month’ award in recognition of the work undertaken by the group to remove litter from local streets and gardens in Hillhead, Glasgow.

Founded over ten years ago, the group aims to tackle litter and late-night noise in the local area. Every month, members come together to clear fly-tipping from lanes, litter from hedges and roadsides and plant flowers in unloved spaces.

The group receives support from Glasgow University Union who provide a space for their monthly meeting and have worked hard with them to manage late night noise from the union’s student nightclub.

Sonja Taylor from the group commented: 'Whilst not the most glamorous set of activities it has been a really good way to get to know each other and identify shared concerns and goals for the area. In addition to this it has made us more aware of what is going on in the area and spot things before they become a problem.”

“It’s given us a real sense of ownership, and it’s amazing how much rubbish you can find. We clear about 100 bags a year: sofas, mattresses, TV's, not to mention traffic cones. You never know what you’re going to find next; decorated Xmas trees (in October!), deep fat fryers full of oil, left on the street, and even the odd £5 note.”

Nominated by Glasgow City Council for their efforts, the group has also started to engage and inform the wider community, encouraging them to stop dropping litter and to pick up rubbish if they see it on the streets.

Yusuf Faisal, Senior Neighbourhood Officer at Glasgow City Council, said: “Bank Street Residents and Traders Association make a great impact in the community and this is clearly visible by their efforts. The group regularly clean up on a monthly basis and they have been doing this since 2008. BARTA’s environmental work has enabled Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteers and community members to take pride in their local environment and tackle local issues.

“BARTA has worked with commitment and dedication over the years. Their efforts have contributed to a reduction in litter surrounding Bank Street. I thank BARTA for keeping Glasgow cleaner, and safer and I am honoured to assist the volunteers.”

Each month we recognise a local hero for their efforts to Clean Up the community and make a difference to the local area. Launched in 2013, over 80 awards have been presented to stand-out individuals or organisations across the country - recognising the efforts of volunteers and their commitment to the local community.

Heather McLaughlin, Campaign Officer at Keep Scotland Beautiful, added: “I would like to congratulate BARTA for making a significant improvement to the local environment, removing litter from the streets and making the West End a nicer place to live, work and visit.

“We hope that many more people will consider their actions and help to look after their community. If you know someone that is already going to great lengths to protect and improve their own local space then they too can be nominated for a Hero of the Month award.”

We encourage everyone to get involved in our Clean Up Scotland campaign. Find out how you can take part or make a nomination


27 November 2019

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