Crises. Crocuses. Creativity. Guest blog by Lewis Hetherington.

We are pleased to highlight the third in a series of blogs from playwright Lewis Hetherington about his work with Glasgow cycling charity Bike for Good and Creative Carbon Scotland.

Over the next two years Lewis will work with Bike for Good to document their VeloCommunities Climate Challenge Fund project and contribute to their activities widening access to cycling and helping Glasgow to become a more sustainable city.

Back in March 2018, Velocommunities was celebrated as the 1,000th project to be awarded a Climate Challenge Fund grant, with the First Minister attending Wellshot Primary School to see some of the work carried out by Bike for Good.

In his third blog, Lewis speaks of the enormity of grappling with climate change and all the things he thought about including in the blog.

So this has been the hardest blog to write because we’re not at the beginning and we’re not at the end, and when you’re in some way grappling with the climate crisis, you’re kind of dealing with everything all at once.

I was going to write about the fact that I’m just supposed to be documenting what’s happening at Bike for Good on Victoria Road so no one needs to hear my free wheeling, nervy musings on this climate catastrophe we’re all facing.

I was going to write about how the first (VeloCommunities) film made some people think and smile and debate and we have some exciting ideas for the next film.

I was going to write about a robot who comes back from the future and tells us a moving story of how we destroyed the earth and convinces us to all change our ways, and that’s when I knew I was really going into freefall.

I was going to write something that was breezy and upbeat and made it seem like broadly I’ve got everything under control.

Find out what Lewis did write about in his blog on the Creative Carbon website.

Creative Carbon would love to hear from you if you enjoy the blog or have any ideas. 

06 March 2019

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