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World Clean Up day 2018

On 8th September 2018, Let’s Do It! Are planning a world Clean Up day. This ambitious event aims to have five percent of the world’s population out clearing up litter. That’s 380 million people! We recently attended their Connecting Heroes conference to see where Scotland fits into this.

Let’s Do It! started out in Estonia in 2008 as a civil movement to clean up the country in five hours.  Since then, the model has spread and there are active Let’s Do It! teams spread across the globe, from Mexico to the Philippines.   So far these groups have been coordinating waste and litter action in their own country but world Clean Up day plans to bring everyone to action on one day.

150 countries were represented at the Connecting Heroes conference, all of whom came together to network and begin to consider their action for the day.  There were talks from the president of the International Solid Waste Foundation, the founder of Litterati and a National Geographic Explorer.  One particularly interesting session saw these speakers brought back together with Kersti Kaljulaid, President of Estonia to discuss leadership on changing waste behaviours.

The challenges presented to each of the countries aiming to take part are extremely varied.  Many of the European countries face similar issues to Scotland and the United Kingdom, with litter discarded along roadsides or larger items flytipped into forests or rural areas.  However, other countries had a much greater issue with the correct disposal of the waste, with limited to no sanitary disposal facilities making changing behaviours even more complex.  It is easy to take for granted how good the bin infrastructure and recycling facilities in Scotland are, which should prevent littering.

Clean Up Scotland will be helping to support and promote World Clean Up day for Scotland.  With our population of 5.2 million, to hit the five percent target 260,000 people would need to take part across Scotland.  Will you be taking part?

09 February 2017

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