The R&A Biodiversity Challenge toolkit

A booklet summarising The R&A Biodiversity Challenge and offering ideas on what you can do to help improve biodiversity is now available.

The Biodiversity Challenge ran in St Andrews over the summer of 2016, engaging local communities and schools about their local environment.  Over 80 young people took part in school sessions or in a beach Clean Up and coastal meadow sowing event.

The booklet covers all of the events, showcasing the hard work of the pupils and community members involved.  Included in the toolkit are two activities that you can do to improve biodiversity in your area.  The first is seed bombs, which enables you to learn about Scottish wildflowers and get hands on with planting.  The second is bird cookies, a simple recipe you can make to treat feathered visitors to your garden or local greenspace.

You can read more about the Biodiversity Challenge here.

19 January 2017

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