The Great Winter Nurdle Hunt

FIDRA is hosting the Great Winter Nurdle Hunt and challenging you to get involved on the 3 to 5 February.

The Great Winter Nurdle Hunt, organised by charity FIDRA, is a mass event aiming to survey the nation's beaches for tiny plastic pellets called nurdles.  We are encouraging all of our Clean Up Scotland supporters to get involved to better understand how many of these pellets are littering our coastline.  

Nurdles are tiny pellets about 3 - 5mm in diameter - the size of lentils, used in the production of plastics.  Unfortunately,  they are often mishandled and spilled in worryingly large numbers.  It is estimated that billions of these pellets are lost to the UK environment every year, with significant negative impact on marine life.

All you need to do a nurdle hunt is a sandy beach, an old jam jar (or similar container) and some patience.  Information gathered over the weekend will build vital evidence which FIDRA will use to inform their campaigning.  Visit the Great Winter Nurdle Hunt for more information on how to get involved.

23 January 2017

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