Sip Don’t Tip exhibit on display at Scottish Seabird Centre

Pupils from Sunnyside Primary School, Glasgow, take home environmental plaudit.

Primary three ornithologists represented Sunnyside Primary School, Glasgow, at a visit to the Scottish Seabird Centre.  They were presented with our Clean Up Scotland ‘Hero of the Month’ award by Tom Brock, CEO at the Scottish Seabird Centre as well as one of our Charity Trustees.  The award was presented in recognition of efforts to raise awareness of plastic marine litter.

The award was presented to the school for two high profile strands of work. P3 children produced the winning sculpture at our recent exhibition on littered single use drinks containers at the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow late last year. As well as this, the school's P7 pupils ran the very effective ‘Ocean Defender Groups’ campaign - #NaeStrawAtAw.

On their visit to the Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick, the P3 pupils learnt more about gannets. The also delivered their winning competition entry sculpture - a gannet made out of milk cartons and papier mâché with a see-through tummy filled with plastic. This will be on public display until June.

The Ocean Defenders commented: “We are honoured and delighted to receive this award from Keep Scotland Beautiful.  It has been a lot of hard work but so worth it to help save our oceans and our planet. 

“We'd like to share this award with the many schools, organisations and companies who have backed and worked with us on our campaign. This award is as much for them as us.”

Lisa Perrie, Principal Teacher at Sunnyside Primary School, added: “I'm proud of the commitment that all the pupils and staff have made in bringing about the success of our #NaeStrawAtAw campaign. This award from Keep Scotland Beautiful is particularly pleasing as we consider the charity one of the leaders in the constant campaign against litter pollution in Scotland.”

Tom Brock OBE, Keep Scotland Beautiful Charity Trustee and CEO of the Scottish Seabird Centre, commented: “The Seabird team is really pleased to see children, of such a young age, take an active interest in the serious issues that are having a detrimental impact on our wildlife and their habitats.

“Sunnyside Primary School has set a fantastic example of how it is possible to engage pupils on environmental issues, have fun and make a big difference. It was a pleasure to welcome the pupils to the Centre for an outdoor education workshop on the beach and we look forward displaying their artwork over the coming weeks.”

The Hero of the Month award is supported by The Helping Hand Company who provide each Hero with a Clean Up kit - including a new Scottish litter picker and handy hoop.

26 March 2018

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