National award presented to stellar Shore Sweeper

Shore Sweepers, a community group based in Kilmun, has been presented with our Clean Up Scotland ‘Hero of the Month’ award.

As the founding member of Shore Sweepers, the award particularly acknowledges founding member Moira Tester who has displayed an ongoing commitment to tidying up the beaches along the Cowal Peninsula.  With support from the local community she has grown Shore Sweepers into an active, collaborative and inclusive group - which now helps to support not only Kilmun, but all communities along the same 12 mile stretch of shoreline, with their coastal clean up efforts.

The group was nominated by Wendy Murray for the award. Wendy commented:

“Their hard work and enthusiasm to keeping our coastline clean makes the group more than deserving of the Hero of the Month Award. I am very glad that their efforts have now been formally recognised.

“Moira and her team of volunteers do an outstanding job of keeping Kilmun’s beaches clean, alongside supporting others along the coast to do the same and help save our environment.

“Moira is passionate about a clean, green environment and a wonderful ambassador for the work of Keep Scotland Beautiful.”

Moira and her Shore Sweeping team have gone to great lengths to maintain a clean and green environment by removing rubbish and reducing debris along the beautiful beaches of Kilmun and its surrounding shoreline.

Moira commented:

“I am truly delighted to receive the Clean Up Scotland Hero of the Month Award on behalf of the group members. I am passionate about being able to show Kilmun and its beautiful beaches at their best.

“I am immensely proud of the work that Shore Sweepers has undertaken since we started out and we are committed to continuing our efforts. I am eternally grateful to all of our volunteers who take the time out of their busy lives to come along and regularly help out and care for their local environment.

“I am amazed at the success of Shore Sweepers in such a short time and I am excited to see what more we can achieve.”

The Hero of the Month award is supported by The Helping Hand Company which provides each Hero with a Clean Up kit - including a new Scottish litter picker and handy hoop.

Heather McLaughlin one of our community projects officers presented the award.  She said:

“I would like to congratulate Moira and the group members for all of their efforts in keeping Kilmun’s coastline clean. By developing Shore Sweepers she has helped to motivate local residents to care for their local environment and helped to instill community pride whilst delivering vital environmental change.

“Keep Scotland Beautiful recognises that there are armies of volunteers, like the Shore Sweepers, all across Scotland working very hard to clean up and green up their local area. Clean Up Scotland can help to support their efforts as well as recognising the contribution made by individuals with our Hero of the Month award.”

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29 August 2017

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