Milngavie Lady Is our October hero

Frankie Livingston from Milngavie has received the prestigious Clean Up Scotland Hero of the month award in recognition of her never tiring effort to clean up the local community.

Milngavie in Bloom was established in April 2008 with 5 members. The Clean Sweep litter picking section was formed in July 2011. One of the first people to sign up was Mrs Francis (Frankie) Livingstone. Frankie had already tackled litter problems in the woods near her house, ably assisted by her husband Hugh, filling their own bins with load upon load of glass bottles and aluminum cans. She is one of these “can do” people who cannot not just stand by and let the place get into a mess.

Frankie is one of the hardest working volunteers for Clean Sweep. She and her husband, Hugh (who is now 80), tackle huge litter problem sites which are not for the faint hearted. She climbs over fences, and scrambles down river banks to haul out half-submerged supermarket trolleys.

On several occasions she has triggered community blitzes on really disgusting areas, with the council providing skips and re-cycling bins. Tesco staff have been drafted in to help with the heavy work and she has inspired other volunteers to do more than they normally would, due to her infectious enthusiasm and passion for trying to keep the local area clean and Scotland beautiful.

Frankie quietly talks to people she meets on the blitzes encouraging them to tackle areas near their homes and improve the environment. Frankie and Hugh never miss the Big Spring Clean-up each year.

Frankie in her working days, was a nurse at a nearby Health Centre, she has a bubbly infectious personality and is delighted when others take the pledge to help tackle litter. A true Eco-warrior!

On receiving the award, Frankie said: ”I think it is important to pick up litter for a number of reasons. It makes a big difference to the local area – even 30 minutes of litter picking can enhance the surroundings to no end. It is enjoyable. I am out in the fresh air, getting some exercise and doing something really useful. It feels good – I can walk through a park or along a street where I have litter picked and feel proud of what I’ve achieved. Perhaps, most importantly, it helps to prevent further littering. We hope people are less likely to drop litter in areas that are litter free.”

“I get lots of nice encouraging comments from passers-by when out litter picking, so I hope that I am leading by example. If more people see that it is not a weird thing to do and get involved, then everyone can play a part in creating a litter free community.”

The Clean Up Scotland Hero award is supported by Helping Hand Environmental which provides each Hero with a Clean Up kit - including a new Scottish litter picker and handy hoop.

Further information on how to nominate your local hero can be found here.

03 November 2016

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