Let's welcome Year of the Dog without flying lanterns

On the eve of Chinese New Year and the start of the Year of the Dog we're calling for people to celebrate without releasing flying lanterns.

Flying lanterns released into the sky often end up as litter on our beautiful mountains, lochs, farmland and seas, which is why we are telling people 'don't let go' this Chinese New Year.

Flying lanterns can look impressive in the sky for a few minutes, but the impact upon the environment and wildlife may last many months or years and can have horrible consequences as they come back to earth. 

We’ve worked with the Marine Conservation Society and National Farmers Union Scotland for a number of years to encourage local authorities to ban the release of balloons and flying lanterns from their land.

Carole Noble, Operations Director said, "We believe that we need to take more proactive action across Scotland to address a source of litter in our environment that many people just don’t think about. What goes up, must come down and balloons and flying lanterns all eventually end up as litter on streets, in the countryside, and in the sea.

They damage our environment, put wildlife and farm animals at risk, and can be a fire hazard. 

We all need to take personal responsibility to turn the tide on Scotland's litter problem.

For balloons and flying lanterns the action is simple, just 'Don’t Let Go!'"

14 February 2018

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