Largs resident recognised for keeping Scotland's coastline clean

Local hero presented with national environmental award for her efforts cleaning beaches along the North and West coast of Scotland

Our latest Clean Up Scotland hero is Sorcha Cantwell from Largs.  She has received the recognition for her continued efforts to keep Scotland’s coastlines clean. Sorcha launched the Scottish Coastal Cleanup Campaign in August and has since gathered a large following of supporters.

Sorcha received the award, which is part of our Clean Up Scotland campaign, because of her consistent efforts to remove rubbish from the beaches on the North and West coast of Scotland - having recently removed half a tonne of marine plastic from these beaches in eight days.

Sorcha, who spends every spare minute she has putting time and money into cleaning beaches around Scotland, also raises awareness of beach and coastal litter Scotland-wide. 

Sorcha Cantwell commented:

“I’ve had an affinity with the sea since I was little and have always spent a lot of time on our shores. Over the years though, I have seen ever increasing amounts of marine plastic pollution washing up, both domestic and industrial, and the harsh consequences it can have on our wildlife. I had to do something positive to change it and raise awareness of the issue. I wanted to let people see that even individuals can make a difference.

“I would like to thank Keep Scotland Beautiful for this award and I hope that it helps to further raise awareness of the issue I am trying to tackle. Everyone feels that "someone" should do something about marine plastic pollution, but what we need to realise that we are all "someone" and we can all do something to help. I really have been overwhelmed by the worldwide support that I have received and the messages from people saying I've inspired them to do the same.”

Sorcha plans to tackle some badly hit spots next year and involve many local communities and groups along the way.

The Hero of the Month award is supported by The Helping Hand Company who provide each Hero with a Clean Up kit - including a new Scottish litter picker and handy hoop. 

Heather McLaughlin one of our Community Project Officers presented the award. She said:

“I would like to congratulate Sorcha for her outstanding efforts in helping to keep Scotland’s coastline clean. She truly is an inspiration to others and has motivated many people Scotland-wide to care for their own coastline. I hope that many more people will get involved in her big clean up activities next year.

“Keep Scotland Beautiful recognises that there are armies of volunteers like Sorcha all across Scotland working very hard to clean up and green up their local area. Clean Up Scotland helps to support their efforts as well as recognising the contributions made by individuals with our Hero of the Month award.”

The Clean Up Scotland campaign encourages everyone to get involved by volunteering at or organising a Clean Up. Information can be found here. Together we can make Scotland the cleanest country in Europe.

17 October 2017

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