Ella’s Litter Pick of Scotland

For the past two years, Ella, 11, of Dunblane, has been fundraising for WWF-UK. After finishing an “adopt an animal” project, Ella wanted to continue her fundraising journey, and also make a difference to her local environment. After much thought, Ella came up with the idea of carrying out a litter pick of Scotland. Ella explains some of her journeys below.

"This year I decided I would go on adventures all over Scotland and litter pick at the same time.  I chose this because ever since I was little I was concerned about how litter was harming animals and our environment. I decided that this year I would try and do something about it.

I’ve been to some interesting new places on my litter picks like Dunnottar Castle and Alva Glen and back to some family favourites like Blackness Castle and Bracklinn Falls. Before I started my litter pick I didn’t realise how much litter there really was at these kinds of places but there can be quite a lot. It’s a shame that beautiful walks and places to visit have been polluted but I am glad that I can help.

I’ve found some unusual and surprising things on my litter picks, especially shoes, which makes me wonder how things end up as litter.

I have learned lots of things too: about nurdles, tiny bits of marine plastic; the importance of a good litter picker; that you can nearly always find litter if you look for it (especially in car parks!) and litter lasts a long time (I’ve found some really old cans and bottles).

Sometimes I get a bit sad about the amount of litter I find. Then I think about all the litter me and my family have collected and I imagine what it would be like if everyone picked up a little litter. If you see an obvious piece of litter lying around then please pick it up; don’t just ignore it and think that someone else can pick it up. If everyone thinks like that then the world will be covered in rubbish. Unleash the litter superhero within and brighten everyone’s day. Don’t think ‘Why me?’ think ‘Why not me?’ If everyone did a little bit we could make a big difference.

After all, as a very nice man said to us as we were carrying our #2MinuteCleanup bag up from Dunnottar beach, 'It’s noble work that you’re doing.' ”

Ella regularly blogs about her journeys at www.mysmalladventures.co or you can follow her on Twitter @mysmladventures.  If you feel inspired, and want your own #2MinuteCleanUp bag, you can find out how to order one here.

25 April 2017

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