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East Haven Together's Litter Summit

East Haven Together had a successful Litter Summit on Monday the 13th of November. Keep Scotland Beautiful facilitated this event and co-produced their Litter Prevention Action Plan.

East Haven Together hosted the first community led litter summit in Scotland on 13th November 2017.  The event was held to bring together members of the public and community groups passionate about community clean ups and keeping their area tidy. It was also an opportunity to showcase their new Litter Prevention Action Plan that Keep Scotland Beautiful co-produced with them.

The event was held at Dundee and Angus College in Arbroath. In attendance were representatives from Zero Waste Scotland, Angus Council and The Marine Conservation Society. East Haven Together's vision is for members of the public to take more pride in where they live and to help prevent and tackle littering. They believe it is important for members of the public to realise that Local Authorities are not singularly responsible for these issues. Susanne Austin, Angus Council's Waste Strategy and Compliance Manager presented all the information and legislation relevant to keeping Angus tidy and made it clear how the council can support and help community groups do the same. The summit highlight how this responsibility needs to start with individuals and needs to be shared across businesses, landowners, public bodies, schools and other organisations.  The Summit is an example of community empowerment in action and aims to involve the public in a meaningful way to prevent littering in a more strategic and coordinated manner.

To get involved and improve your local area visit our Clean Up Scotland pages for more information.

14 November 2017

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