Andy Wilson recognised as Hero

Amateur photographer praised for park cleaning campaign

Andy Wilson, member of Friends of Holmhills Wood Community Park, has received the prestigious Clean Up Scotland “Hero of the Month” award in recognition of his continued commitment to litter picking.

Andy walks through Holmhills Park every day on his commute home from the station.  On his way through the park, he picks up all of the litter he sees and bags it for the local authority to collect. 

Not content with picking up easy to find litter, he often goes out of his way to remove it from bushes and hedgerows, even donning his waders to clear out the ponds.

Andy is also a keen photographer and his photos of the park have brought many new people to visit.

On receiving the award Andy Wilson commented:

“I'm a zoologist by degree with a passion for photography and very much notice things in the landscape that really shouldn't be there. Holmhills Park is my oasis of tranquillity and I pass through it twice every day to and from work.

It has often been stated that a little litter leads to more litter so I would encourage everyone who uses and enjoys the area to always carry a plastic bag and pick up anything that catches their eye on their way through the park. Research has shown that people tend to litter more when there is litter already there so every bit of litter removed will lead to less incentive for others to drop litter.

With many of us leading such diverse lives these days the sense of neighbourhood has all but vanished and getting involved in a Clean Up is one way of getting to know other people in the area who also care about the environment.”

Hilary Paton, from Friends of Holmhills Wood Community Park, commented:

“Andy truly is an asset to the group and the community - as well as the local wildlife. He cares a lot and we value his contribution to our local woodland area. He truly deserves recognition for the many hours spent picking up broken bottles, litter and all sorts. He helps make Holmhills a litter bit better! He is a true asset and a great role model for caring for the environment.”

The Clean Up Scotland Hero award is supported by Helping Hand Environmental who provide each Hero with a Clean Up kit - including a new Scottish litter picker and high viz vest.

Do you know someone who is a hero in your community?  Nominate them here

 Read the rest of this month's news in the Clean Up Scotland newsletter.

12 December 2016

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