Aberdour playgroup support the Great British Beach Clean at Aberdour Black Sands

We supported the Marine Conservation Society’s Great British Beach Clean this weekend by attending one of the events organised by the community in Fife

Heather McLaughlin, Community Projects Officers, went along to support the Aberdour Playgroup with their beach clean at Black Sands in Aberdour. The beach received a Beach Award earlier this year in recognition of it's excellent environmental quality.

Scotland's Beach Award is the benchmark for quality, celebrating clean, well-managed and sustainable beaches. Having community groups organise and take part in beach cleans is encouraged and will contribute to a Beach Award, involving community groups and regular litter picks are one of the key criteria for an award..

At Black Sands beach in Aberdour on Saturday, there were over 15 children helping their parents and volunteers with the litter pick. Additionally, the group surveyed the shore as part of the Marine Conservation Society’s Beachwatch surveying programme. This is the second year that the Aberdour Playgroup have organised a Great British Beach Clean on Black Sands, an incentive which is part of their Green Flag Eco Schools pledge.

Black Sands beach is important and regularly used by the Aberdour Playgroup for the children to explore and enjoy year-round. It is an important resource for the playgroup and has many learning opportunities for the children to take advantage of.

Gemma Thomas, Early Years Playgroup Manager at Aberdour Playgroup, commented: “We believe that outdoor play is fundamental to a child’s learning experience. The children have a great understanding of why it is important to look after our environment and they understand their role as effective contributors, responsible citizens, confident individuals and active learners.”  On a regular basis the group, including the children, will remove unwanted and dangerous litter from the sand, rock pools and grassy areas. If you would like to participate in a Beach Clean or register an event and help Clean Up Scotland, please visit the Clean Up Scotland website.  

18 September 2017

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