Eight year old Chloe from Arbroath tackles dog fouling

One of Keptie Friends' younger members Chloe, who is 8 years old and goes to Ladyloan Primary School, decided that she would try and help with the problem of dog owners who don't clean up after their pets.

Chloe has designed and drawn posters addressing the issue of dog fouling, and the posters are now on display around the pond. She thinks adults who ignore her posters should not be allowed to walk their dogs around the park.

Chloe explains:

"I first got involved with Keptie friends about a year ago when my Mum saw an article in the local paper. So we talked about it and we decided that we would like to help them.

I love visiting the pond to see the birds and other wildlife and like to help keep it clean and tidy for the birds and other wildlife that live in it. It has great memories for my mum too that she tells me about. I also helped plant some bulbs and pick up litter to keep it looking nice for when people visit the pond.

We meet on the last Sunday of every month. In February 130 was the poo count that volunteers had to pick up, March was quite a bit less but in April there were 155 to pick up. Hopefully my posters will help to inform people how it affects people when they leave their dogs mess behind. 

My family are proud that I help Keptie Friends and loved seeing the posters I made. My grandparents who are originally from Scotland now live in Florida are coming to visit in August and I am looking forward to taking them to see Keptie pond."

Jean Stewart of Keptie Friends says:

"Keptie Friends are thrilled and so very proud of Chloe who, at 8 years of age, feels she can send a message to dog owners and hope to make them aware of their responsibilities not only to their pet but to the wider community of children and adults who all share the Keptie Pond.

Keptie Friends are always looking for innovative ways of making the public aware and we feel this view inspired by a primary school girl will attract the support of the community in Arbroath.

All our young people in Keptie Friends are so much more aware of the environment and they regularly teach us a thing or two on our Sunday Clean Ups. They “lecture” us adults, especially about not feeding bread to the ducks and will often be seen giving bags of bird seed in exchange for bread to adults, who now know better!

I want to say a huge well done to Chloe, as she is an inspiration to us all."


03 May 2017

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