Blooming Haddington’s ‘Dusty Bin’

Following the recent successes in Keep Scotland Beautiful's Beautiful Scotland campaign and the RHS Britain in Bloom final, there was a consensus among the members that there should be a permanent reminder in the town that was somewhat out of the ordinary.

Ron Pearman from Blooming Haddington explains:"Following much cerebral action and after rejecting the suggestion of painting a letter box, we decided to seek permission of East Lothian Council to remove a waste bin from the High Street, totally refurbish it and finally paint it gold and then reinstate it.

"With East Lothian Council’s agreement the bin was selected. However, the volunteers were unable to move it due to its weight. The Council then stepped in and, with the use of a fork lift machine, the bin was duly deposited on a volunteer’s drive way and placed on a moveable pallet.

"What followed can only be described as a labour of love as the bin was subjected to power washing, scrubbing, wire brushing, and finally given six coats of paint. The raised lettering on the bin was also painted with black paint, which was very time consuming.

"It should be appreciated that the final two gloss coats of gold paint had to be applied within 30 minutes of each other, and a final varnish coat then applied. The internal bin was given a similar treatment.

"Preparations were then made to transport the bin back to its location in the High Street. However, on the Friday afternoon before the Saturday morning of the unveiling, a calamity struck when the firm who had agreed to transport the bin advised that the machine had broken down and could not be repaired in time.

"Finally, after an extensive search, a local business stepped forward, and at 8am on the Saturday morning the bin was finally bolted down in position and covered over.

"At 11am the bin was formally unveiled by Provost Ludovic Broun-Lindsay, and Laura Samuel, the Chair of Blooming Haddington, in front of Blooming Haddington members, the press and a large crowd. The Haddington Pipe Band provided a beautiful musical backdrop.

"After the formal opening, children were given the opportunity to place specially painted gold coffee cups in the bin.

"In years to come Haddington could be the only town in Scotland to have all gold litter bins, but that’s another story!"

19 May 2017

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