Marine Plastics Threat

The Herald reports on a recent research trip by Greenpeace

Birds, fish and wildlife along Scotland's beaches and coastline are being threatened by the amount of dumped plastic which ends up in the sea.

Plastic was found in the nests and beaks of seabirds in internationally significant colonies on the Bass Rock, Isle of May and the Shiant Isles during a major scientific voyage.

Researchers also found plastic strewn on more than 30 beaches in remote areas, microplastics in the foraging grounds of basking sharks and seabirds, and animals entangled in rubbish. Read more here.

Find out more about how you can take action to clean up your local area by visiting our Clean Up Scotland pages. Read how Ullapool High School have reacted to the issue of marine plastics as a result of the Littoral art project.

28 June 2017

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