Magnificent Lion's Mane washes up on Scotland's Coast

One of the world's largest jellyfish species has been spotted along Scotland's coastline and beach-goers who find one are being asked to look, take a photo of it, and report it, but not to touch it.

In Scotland, we have a collection of regular jellyfish visitors, identifiable by their striking shapes and patterns. The Lion's Mane jellyfish, which can grow to around two metres in size, loves our cold water, and has a pretty powerful sting.

Several have been reported along the Scottish coastline this summer with a number being washed up on beaches.

If you spot any jellyfish in our coastal waters or on our beaches you can report it to the Marine Conservation Society as part of its Jellyfish Survey. You can download a handy Jellyfish ID Guide to help you figure out what kind of jellyfish you've found.

So, if you are visiting one of our#BeachAward sites then let us know what you see, or what activities you are enjoying on our magnificent coast.

24 July 2017

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