Young Food Entrepreneurs project a success

Over the past three months, our pilot of the Young Food Entrepreneurs project has involved 75 students in 4 schools across central Scotland. The Young Food Entrepreneurs project has been funded by the Scottish Government and supports the development of Scotland as a Good Food Nation through enabling students to explore local food networks and reflect on the sustainability of their own food choices through different activities.

Students from Alloa Academy, Levenmouth Academy, Glenwood High School and Clyde Valley High School discussed the choices made by farmers regarding how they grow food as well as different models of food production and processing. The support of local businesses was a key element of the project’s implementation as they gave the students an insight into the realities of working within the food production and primary processing industry.

Theo from Riverside Bakery Community Interest Company in Stirling gave students an insight into alternative business models and the benefits of short supply chains for resilience in local economies.

Tom from Puddledub Pork in Auchtertool explored the diverse food opportunities in Fife and how his focus is on working within the local area to breed and rear happy pigs, reduce food miles and use traditional techniques to produce a high-quality product. 

Bryde and Nat from Falkland Kitchen Farm helped students to visualise the diverse range of skills new farmers must develop to produce crops and sell them as part of a successful business. They also supported students in understanding that a business can have different strands within it through showing how they add value to their products through their new venture The Field Table.

The businesses helped the project to support the Developing the Young Workforce programme through providing an insight into career pathways into the food industry and skills which real employers are looking for from applicants.

Students went on to develop their enterprise skills and demonstrate their sustainable food knowledge through planning and hosting a One Planet Picnic prepared using sustainable ingredients e.g. seasonal, local, organic, or ethical produce as well as focusing on reducing packaging and food waste. Staff at Alloa Academy and Clyde Valley High School were treated to lunch time meals by their school’s Young Food Entrepreneurs. Glenwood High School are planning to host their One Planet Picnic in the Summer term using local produce and taking a trip to visit Falkland Kitchen Farm. Students at Levenmouth Academy are working with Fife Food Ambassador Christopher Trotter and their local Rotary club to host a meal following One Planet Picnic principles for over 70 people in May.

We would like to thank students and teachers for participating in this pilot. The foundations being laid for Learning for Sustainability within the four schools has provided a good base to build on through the Young Food Entrepreneurs pilot.

Comments received from students and teachers about the pilot project included:

“…all students should be learning about sustainable food production…”

“…I will remember that locally sourced food is better for the environment…”

“…it has made me think more about where food comes from…”

“…after taking part in this project I have changed how I have eaten at home, to eat healthy and more locally produced food...”

Young Food Entrepreneurs is running in parallell with our Food and Environment professional learning programme which is working with 11 schools in Edinburgh to improve confidence in using sustainable food as a context for learning across the curriculum, particularly through practical action, outdoor learning, and Learning for Sustainability.

For more information on Young Food Entrepreneurs or the Food and Environment Professional learning Programme currently running with 11 Edinburgh schools please visit our website.  To express an interest in future offerings of this project for your school or local authority, send an email stating Young Food Entrepreneurs in the subject line confirming your contact details to food@keepscotlandbeautiful.org.

31 March 2017

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