With or without the US - Climate Change reaction

An historic agreement to combat climate change and unleash actions and investment towards a low carbon, resilient and sustainable future was agreed by 195 nations in Paris on 12 December 2015. Here our Corporate Services Director, Catherine Gee, gives her thoughts on America quitting the Paris climate change agreement.

Keep Scotland Beautiful recognises that climate change is a symptom of unsustainable development, caused by the emission, and increasing concentration, of greenhouse gasses in the Earth’s atmosphere.  These emissions are leading to increasing global temperatures, which induce climate change. 

Scotland is demonstrating global leadership with its climate change legislation and ambitious reduction targets and we support the Scottish Government’s activities to reduce Scotland’s carbon emission further.  We also welcomed the publication this year of a Draft Climate Change Plan for Scotland.

We are therefore bitterly disappointed that the President of the United States of America has decided to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreement which seeks to coordinate and support global action by nation states to keep the increase in global temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius.

However, we must remember that all of us are responsible for the outcomes delivered from the Agreement.  This includes not only governments, but also the public sector, businesses, third sector organisations, communities, and individuals. We all need to deliver action on climate change if we are to transition to a low carbon world.

We believe that the thing that matters most about the Paris Agreement is how it affects people - people in Scotland and people around the world, how it stacks up against the asks and needs of people, and the way it outlines opportunities for us all to deliver climate change solutions for people.

The Paris agreement is essential for our collective future.  On the back of this decision by one of the world’s most powerful leaders, let's encourage society across the world to take their own action to guarantee the future of our young people and take action to combat climate change.

We remain committed to playing our part in supporting international and national efforts to tackle climate change.


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Learn more about climate change, engage in discussions within your community and take local action

Keep Scotland Beautiful is a member of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and is committed to work together with other members to create public momentum and major political commitment to action to tackle climate change in Scotland.

01 June 2017

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