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Wildflower seeds available through our biodiversity community project have been used to help educate children about the importance of pollinators.

The native wildflower seeds we have been distributing for free through our biodiversity project have been helping children to learn about pollinators at Hopetoun House, on the outskirts of Edinburgh. The rangers have been working with the local primary school to educate the P2 – P5s about the importance of having a variety of flowers and the role bees play in pollination.

Maree Morrison, Hopetoun House Ranger, said: “We made seed bombs with the kids to throw into the more inaccessible areas of the playground, and they took some home to do some guerrilla gardening of their own. We also played an insect/pollination game with them to explain the importance of bees, flower variety and cross pollination. The kids loved making the gooey seed bombs and throwing them around. We also plan to improve the pond as well, as a separate project but insects and pollination is the first stage.”

Our biodiversity campaign encourages people to plant for pollinators, helping to increase the variety of wildlife in their space. We aim to enable individuals, groups and communities to create healthy outdoor spaces to enjoy, enabling people to learn more about biodiversity and connect with their environment. Order your own free Scottish wildflower seeds and learn about other ways to benefit wildlife.

23 June 2017

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