Scottish Government unveils Programme for Government

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, today (5 September 2017) outlined the 2017/18 Programme for Government - with a vision of a future-proofed, high-tech, low carbon economy.

A number of positive announcements were made which will help to tackle the environmental issues we campaign, act and educate on.

We welcome the commitment being made to prioritise education and to close the attainment gap. We look forward to engaging with the proposed new Education Bill.

Scotland’s new Climate Change Bill will set more ambitious targets to help the country meet its obligations under the Paris Accord.  We are encouraged by the proposed steps to reduce carbon emissions, in particular from transport - the largest source of emissions in Scotland, and making homes more energy efficient through a Warm Homes Bill. 

We further welcome the announcement that a deposit return system is to be designed and introduced in Scotland.  We look forward to contributing to its development and implementation, ensuring it works for small and large businesses and producers, is cost effective and sits alongside local authority collection schemes and is designed with a low carbon footprint in mind. 

There is more that can be done to make Scotland clean, green and sustainable, and we all have a part to play; government, businesses, communities and individuals. 

Read the full Programme for Government here.

05 September 2017

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