Paris Agreement comes into force

As a member of the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition, we welcome the Paris Agreement coming into force on 4 November 2016, setting the global legislative framework for countries to increase efforts in tackling climate change.

Prior to the UN Climate Summit in 2015 we asked the people of Scotland their views and 93% voiced concern about climate change. Our report ‘Conversations about COP21’ summarises these findings.

When world leaders arrive in Marrakech for the annual UN Climate Summit on the 7 November, it is hoped they will take the opportunity to harness the political will and momentum generated by the Paris Agreement and turn promises into action.

Derek Robertson, Chief Executive said, “We welcome the global commitment to take further action to combat climate change, and the proactive stance that is being taken in Scotland.    We all need to play our part, from public bodies, to businesses, to communities.  Scotland has set world leading, year on year, national targets, and we need a concerted and collective effort to meet them.

“We’re committed to continuing to support public bodies, communities and young people to reduce our carbon emissions. But, more needs to be done, and with a UN Emissions Gap Report issued today highlighting that despite the ambitious Paris targets being agreed to, it is likely that by 2030 global emissions will still be 25% above the targets set, that is why we all need to do more to encourage and support changes in behaviours that enable more people to adopt a lower carbon lifestyle.

Whether you’re an individual, or are representing an organisation, we have provided a number of ways to help enable you to take action on climate change, both through our own programmes and signposting to third party organisations. 


04 November 2016

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