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Our annual review

Perhaps you have visited an award winning local park or beach this year. Maybe your community group, NHS Trust or local authority has benefited from training that we offer, or possibly your children attend an Eco-School? Our Annual Review for 2015/16 highlights the work that we do to help make our country cleaner, greener and more sustainable.

Our Annual Review for 2015/2016 provides a snapshot of the difference and impact that we have achieved across Scotland to protect, conserve and enhance our environment.

Having been an established part of the environmental landscape for over 50 years, we draw together government, local authorities, businesses, community groups and individuals in this common cause. We are present in every village, town, and city in Scotland, and our activities are estimated to make a difference to one in five people living in Scotland.

During the past year we continued to engage with the people of Scotland to make a positive change in behaviour and improve quality of life. We maintained our efforts to enhance Scotland’s environment to create clean, safe, healthy and sustainable places.

We have also sought to shape and influence policy and practice across all sectors on local, national and global sustainability issues. You will find fantastic examples to illustrate our achievements within this review.  None of this would be possible without our diverse range of supporters, funders, donors and partners.

Hopefully as you read it you will realise you have been reached in some way by the work that we do to help keep Scotland beautiful.

30 November 2016

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