Making a Digital Difference in Professional Learning

15-19th May is National Digital Learning Week. We'll be sharing examples of how technology has made a positive difference in our professional learning activities and our Eco-Schools programme. Here is one example of how online learning has made a Digital Difference to our E3 professional learning programme.

Our E³ Energy, Enterprise & Environment professional learning programme includes participation from 23 teachers from across Scotland.  Educators involved in the programme cover 13 local authority areas with a wide geographic spread. Use of the e-learning and sharing platform Moodle has ensured that all participants could easily engage in all elements of the programme.

Participants attend regular twilight sessions but programme work and collaboration are set through the Moodle platform.  Participants are set a checklist of tasks and activities online, allowing them to keep on track with their work, share ideas, take part in online sessions and discussions and easily access resources.  They are also seeing the benefits of journaling through their individual Moodle profile which will help in their submission at the end of the programme to the GTCS for accreditation. 

The level of continuous engagement in the programme is undoubtedly down to the use of an online learning platform.  As the programme content is all contained and can be accessed anywhere and at anytime, teachers are finding it easy to follow the programme, work through elements at their own speed and are enjoying the constant communication with their E3 peers.  The use of technology in this professional learning programme has been a major player in its success and is a fantastic way of evidencing successes and showcasing the wonderful work being done by the teachers involved.

In collaboration with EDF Energy, our Energy, Enterprise and Environment programme covers climate change and its implications, how energy is produced, and how to reduce carbon and minimise waste.  It also examines how we can support behaviour change and renewable energy in Scotland. It has been designed to complement and support Learning for Sustainability requirements while linking to STEM, enterprise, resilience and social innovation enquiries. Participants receive support from EDF Energy experts, inspiring visits to energy production facilities and access to exciting teaching and learning materials via the EDF Energy Pod.

Keep an eye on participants' progress on the 2017 E³ programme here.

08 May 2017

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