“Love Where You Play” Litter Prevention Campaign

We teamed up with Hubbub UK and McDonald's for two weekends to run the ‘Love Where You Play’ campaign.

'Love Where You Play' is a positive litter prevention campaign that uses playful messaging and design to engage players and their families in litter reduction. The aim of the campaign is to leave a positive legacy for the local community by supporting football clubs in reducing littering behaviour, saving money and instilling a sense of pride for looking after their pitch.

We visited Strathaven Rugby Football Club, Renfrew Victoria Youth Football Club, Milngavie Football Club and the Giffnock Soccer Centre to show that tackling littering is a team effort. By giving litter the red card, and using the bins provided, we can all contribute to creating greener, cleaner spaces to live, work and play.

McDonald’s Community Football Days are large, public events that create litter, but also present a great opportunity to engage a captive audience in litter reduction.

Jacalyn Laird, one of our Community Projects Officers, said:

"It was great to see how popular the Community Football Days are. The large number of people taking part means a lot of rubbish is generated, so it’s important for everyone to help look after their green spaces by using the bins to tackle litter."

This is the second campaign we are running in collaboration with Hubbub UK. Last summer, our Neat Streets campaign brought industry, the City council, charities, local businesses and people together - united in the vision of their community becoming litter free.

Nik Turner, who is also a Community Projects Officer at Keep Scotland Beautiful said:

"As part of the Neat Streets campaign, which we ran in partnership with Hubbub last year, we found that brightly coloured bins had a positive impact on “nudging” people to use them.  The bins used on the football days were designed with this in mind, and we saw them being well used over the course of the day, and everyone we engaged with responded positively.  We even had a group of young helpers chasing us down to give us litter after they’d seen one of their friends getting a green card for doing the right thing.”


19 June 2017

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