Fracking ban in Scotland welcomed

We welcome the MSP vote in Holyrood on 24 October that will see fracking banned across Scotland.

While we acknowledge the challenges ahead, in particular re-framing the energy mix, we see this as a great opportunity for Scotland to secure the transition to a more resource efficient, lower carbon economy and believe that this will create opportunities to teach new skills and new jobs in the renewable and low carbon sectors.

With a ban in place, we now need to work collectively to ensure that energy consumers understand where their fuel comes from and what steps can be taken to reduce consumption, particularly of energy from non-renewable sources and in the heating of buildings.

We believe that in order to achieve the reduced carbon emissions targets set out in the Paris Climate Change Agreement, and by the Scottish Government and Parliament, we need to maintain and increase momentum towards clean, sustainable, renewable energy sources and away from the use of fossil fuels.  This is in line with ambition to invest in renewable energy production as set out in the draft Energy Strategy.

We acknowledge that we need secure the transition to a more resource efficient, lower carbon economy and to support the communities and workers currently involved on fossil fuel based industries.

We look forward to continuing to support public bodies through the Sustainable Scotland Network, as well as communities through the Climate Challenge Fund, so that they can reduce their impact on climate change and demonstrate the positive outcomes that climate action can achieve.

23 October 2017

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