#LockdownLitter – what you can do?

Selfish, ignorant, irresponsible...

These are just some of the words that have come to mind over the last few weeks as we have watched the mindless behaviour of some of our fellow Scots as they do untold damage, littering some of Scotland’s most beautiful locations as well as the streets and parks of local communities the length and breadth of the country.

Like you we have been getting increasingly angry at their behaviour and the growing lockdown litter problem; we have seen an ongoing increase in complaints our supporters and groups reports in the media and the general public venting their anger and on social media.

We have also seen some unique trends in littered items developing during lockdown, including a rise in PPE litter and, anecdotally, dog fouling. However, we also know in some instances there has been a decrease in litter with less fast food items being consumed and less people using public spaces.

We know that sometimes it is easier to take a picture, post it to social media and vent your anger.

However, as the Scottish Government begins to ease aspects of the restrictions put in place to help tackle Covid-19 we all have an opportunity to get out and do something about lockdown litter.

We all need to be positive and proactive in tackling this problem and preventing the situation from getting worse. We know that you are interested in doing something about our lockdown litter problem, and we want to make sure you are doing this safely.

We have published guidance for you to use to ensure you can litter pick safely. We only want you to litter pick if you’re feeling well and if you’re confident you can do so whilst following this guidance and keeping yourself and others in your community safe. 

Make sure you also keep up to date with Scottish Governments Guidance, and, where possible, the guidance from your Council.

But we know that’s only the start.

We are currently undertaking the first national poll in a number of years to assess the public’s perception of the condition of their community and the presence of problems like litter, dog fouling and flytipping, both before lockdown and after the last few months.

In addition, we have been developing a litter survey tool that will allow individuals and groups to track their local litter problems. Every community is different, which means every community has a unique set of problems and behaviours they need to tackle.

This tool will be available from early July and support individuals and groups with taking the first steps to try and tackle this problem

Along with our polling information, the tool will also allow us to create a snapshot of litter habits across Scotland that will help inform how we work nationally and locally to tackle litter.

Please play your part in protecting the places that matter to all of us.



16 June 2020

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