Call for a green and just economic recovery

We’ve answered a call for views from the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery, recently set up by the Scottish Government to provide expert advice on supporting Scotland’s economy to recover from the impact of Covid-19.

We believe that a green and just recovery is key to responding to the current economic challenges we face in Scotland.

In our response we have highlighted the opportunity for Scotland to decarbonise key sectors of the economy and emphasised the important role our local environments play in the health, wealth and general wellbeing of our people and communities. 

We want to see a decarbonised economy which supports everyone to recover from the present economic shock and offers the best prospects for Scotland to achieve a truly sustainable and long-lasting recovery in the years to come.

We believe this approach is essential to improve our chances of avoiding the kinds of catastrophic impacts predicted in scenarios of runaway global temperature rises, as well as the economic shocks likely to follow these impacts.

We collate data on standards of local environmental quality, including litter and dog fouling levels, and we know that the local environments in the poorest places in Scotland are deteriorating at a faster pace than the most prosperous ones.   

During ‘Lockdown’, we have all felt the benefits of being outside, in a garden, on a balcony or visiting local open spaces.  So, we are also calling for this to be acknowledged and addressed as we recover from the current situation so that marginalised communities are not left further behind.

Our Operations Director, Catherine Gee, commented, “We welcome the Scottish Governments steps to map out a route to the ‘new normal’ as we tentatively start to recover from Covid-19.

“But, we must not forget that the climate crisis we are facing has not gone away. We must take the opportunity to rebuild our society and economy with the environment at the heart of the decisions that are made.  We cannot afford to miss this opportunity - to put nature up front - for the future of our planet and prosperity of our people”

As members of Stop Climate Chaos Coalition we are fully supportive of its position and are proud signatories to their letter to the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery.  We also support the separate positions and responses provided by both Scottish Environmental Link and SCVO.


01 June 2020

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