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We were delighted to learn that one of our new Beautiful Scotland groups, Winchburgh Community Growing Group in West Lothian launched the Winchburgh Wombles on Thursday 25 June, with a mission to pick litter.

The group, whose strapline is 'Nature and nurture - naturally making our community thrive', decided to set up the Winchburgh Wombles subgroup after a successful clean up event in December and, more recently, being inspired by volunteers tirelessly picking up litter.

The ambition is to have every part of the community covered by the Waste Warrior Wombles, with each Womble managing a womble zone, picking unsightly litter and reporting large or unsafe items via an online form. Each womble also records all their data so the group can build up a picture of the issue. What's more, every womble recruit can earn Womble Rewards from each litter pick to exchange for rewards from local independent businesses. The primary school eco clubs are also set to join in when they return to school in August.

Winchburgh Developments Ltd is funding the project so that money can be reinvested in future growing projects within the village - Waste Warrior Wombles get to choose what the money can be spent on such as flowers, bulbs, trees and everything edible in-between.

John West, Co-founder of Winchburgh Community Growing Group, said: "In partnership with Winchburgh Developments LTD which has supplied all the PPE and equipment, we so far have had over 30 new 'womble recruits' - this helps us keep Winchburgh tidy, especially with all the extra rubbish like gloves, masks and fast food waste dumped caused by the current situation. With more food growing, flower growing, bulb planting and equipment for a new growing area being made possible through the investment received to keep Winchburgh tidy, the hope is this will put us on a good footing for taking part in Beautiful Scotland in 2021!"

The group is keen for other groups to learn from its 'womble model' and has shared the induction pack (see related documents below) that all new 'wombles' receive.  The pack includes how it works, the do's and don'ts, health and social distancing guidelines.

You can find out more on the group's website here and a new facebook page here.

And for a bit of fun, you can watch the wombles in action on the canal in Winchburgh, accompanied by a bagpipe rendition of the wombles theme tune here.

Well done to everyone involved and we look forward to seeing the project develop.

02 July 2020

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