Lockdown brings positive outcomes in Newhaven

This week's 'Top Inspiring Story' comes from It's Your Neighbourhood group, Newhaven Heritage Community Gardens in Edinburgh. Heather Yang from the group told us: “This has been an exciting year for the environment in Newhaven as more people volunteer and become engaged in planting and growing.

“We have created two willow arches which are really growing well, with willow from Kirkliston and the planting skills of the young Victoria Primary School After School children that were fascinated by the willow poles; all was installed in collaboration with the City of Edinburgh Council Park Rangers though we did get rather wet!

“We started a Veg & Herb club after the start of the lockdown to enhance our diets - the tomatoes grown from seed are doing well, along with the herbs and courgettes as well as all the salad crops that were planted in troughs.

“There has been extra help in watering from the skilled support of a Trinity Academy boy and we are delighted that the flowers continue to blossom. He was also instrumental in planting wildflowers, so hopefully the dream of a wildflower meadow in the Old Burial Ground will come true - we are watching that spot. There has been grass cutting and loads of weeding to keep the place tidy by four new volunteers, who have time on their hands and want a break from working at home, all to the benefit of the local gardens. We were donated a lawnmower which has become a valuable asset and never stops to keep the area looking trim. We even assisted in a lady’s garden as it was so overgrown with weeds and added planters to bring colour.

“Two local ladies in their 70s have completed the most amazing task in weeding at Newhaven Harbour and what a remarkable difference it has made, they have banished the weeds!

“In July we are giving local old and disabled people bunches of flowers as a wee treat. The gardens have been welcome tranquil spots during 2020 for all ages to discover and enjoy moments of colour and delightful smells. The fig, plum, pear and cherry trees all bring endless joy too.

“More volunteers, more produce, more blooms and more peace and therapeutic benefits as well as community spirit.”

Well done to all involved.

31 July 2020

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