Inspiring young people to grow

This is a very different year for our Beautiful Scotland and It's Your Neighbourhood groups - no competition, visits or events...but we've been able to make the most of connecting everyone through online sessions and our weekly newsletter.

We were delighted then to find out this week that, through these online connections, one of our groups, Blooming Inverkip in Inverclyde has gone on to have great success with a planter challenge - Bob from the group, shares their story "Following recent discussions and seeing how other groups have engaged with young people, we used some COVID related funding to organise a planter challenge for local families.

“We made up planter kits with a free 25cm terracotta planter, three plants, five litre gravel/ compost and added instructions, colouring in crayons and a 30-question gardening quiz.

"We filmed a video planting demonstration (not quite Bonnie Blantyre quality lol!??) but we gave it a go and we were amazed with the enthusiasm! We had a lot of interest and gave away nearly 90 kits.

“We decided to do a best planter competition and our Facebook page has a lot of examples of the amazing creative pot designs done by local children with their families. We picked Kaitlyn McCready as the best planter winner and delivered some prizes to her and some runners up.

“Our team are thrilled to have had so many people involved and a lot of much needed positivity.”

We are so thrilled that we've been able to inspire your group, and hope to keep connecting all of our groups through our online sessions.  If you'd like to find out more, please drop us an email.

14 July 2020

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