TRSNMT-ing our Cup Movement Message

Cup Movement makes a song and dance at TRNSMT festival.

Our Cup Movement and its key messages – reuse, recycle, bin it – were centre stage this weekend at TRNSMT Festival in Glasgow, in partnership with festival organisers and Cup Movement members DF Concerts and Events.

The weekend was a fantastic opportunity to engage with some of the weekend’s 120,000 festival-goers and spread awareness of the issues surrounding single-use cups and what we are doing, through Cup Movement, to address them.

Our Cup Movement works to prevent the nearly 500 million single-use cups that are used and discarded in Scotland each year. Only 4% of these are currently recycled, with the rest ending up in landfill or as litter. By working to find the best reuse, recycling and/or responsible disposal solutions, we hope to involve everyone who buys, sells and uses coffee cups in addressing this issue.

With a stall right across from the main TRNSMT stage, we had the opportunity to debut a number of fun and festive educational activities, designed to bust some common cup misconceptions, raise awareness of the cup recycling process, and ultimately make the case for cup waste reduction, whether through recycling or reuse.

We had our reusable Cup Movement rCup (made from recycled cups!) to hand, not only to show what single-use cups can be turned into when recycled, but also as a give-away prize for the closest guess each day, at 'the number of single-use cups that are used in Scotland every minute'. With a lowest guess of 50 and a highest guess of 1.25 million, the correct answer is, in fact, 909.

Finally, we also had the chance to speak with lots of people from Glasgow and the surrounding area -over a hundred! - and get some insights into their attitudes and perceptions around single-use cups. Although 68% of those surveyed indicated that they are willing to recycle their cups if facilities are available, only 19% knew that paper cups must be collected and recycled separately. In addition, 53% reported owning a reusable cup, though only around a third of them use it regularly. These findings highlight the importance of the work that we are doing with Cup Movement to establish paper cup recycling infrastructure and awareness and promote reuse.

DF events have themselves been proactive in instating their own cup waste reduction initiatives across the festival, banning plastic cups and using paper cups only at bars. A paper cup recycling service was in place across the site with a 10 pence deposit on each cup encouraging festival goers to bring cups back for recycling.

This is a great example of the kind of solution that Cup Movement seeks to identify and promote. Keep an eye out for our intervention trials and cup conversations for more knowledge sharing and examples of good practice.

16 July 2019

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