Entries open for sustainable travel challenge

Travelling by car to and for work can be slow, frustrating, tiring and expensive.

Car travel is also damaging for our climate. Cars accounted for 39.5% of Scotland’s transport greenhouse gas emissions in 2017, making them the biggest emitting mode of transport in that year.

The Scottish Workplace Challenge is an annual month-long challenge which is designed to encourage us to travel more sustainably for and to work.

Built into the Challenge are online stats to encourage competition with others and the possibility of winning prizes.

Any journeys to work or for work that are carried out on foot, by bike, scoot, skate, public transport or car-sharing count. You can also log a 'work at home' day and virtual meetings if it means you don't have to travel.

We are delighted to be entering several teams from Keep Scotland Beautiful in the Workplace Challenge and had great fun taking part last year. If you're still needing some reasons to take part yourself, we've collated a few below...

Why take part?

  • You'll help to reduce climate change causing greenhouse gas emissions
  • You could get fitter by walking/cycling more and have fun
  • You might save time by working from home or having a virtual meeting
  • You might win one of the prizes
  • It can be fun getting competitive with other organisations
  • You might just find an alternative to that frustrating commute by car

Find out more about the Challenge and enter here.

30 January 2020

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