18.7 C in Scotland. In December?

On 28 December 2019, Achfary (Highland), recorded a temperature of 18.7 C which, if verified, will be a record December maximum temperature for both Scotland and the UK.

Whether the Achfary reading is verified or not, the last decade has recorded multiple temperature highs, but only one record low according to a news release from the Met Office.

The Met Office report that the decade 2010 to 2019 holds eight [Achfary reading still pending verification] high UK temperature records, compared with only one low-temperature record in the set of official Met Office UK climate extremes.

Dr Mark McCarthy, head of the National Climate Information Centre, said:

“It is notable how many of these extreme records have been set in the most recent decade and how many more of them are reflecting high- rather than low-temperature extremes: a consequence of our warming climate.”

Find out more on the Met Office website here.

Update: the Achfary reading has now been verified as a Scottish and UK record

06 January 2020


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