UK Climate Projections in Scotland event

Adaptation Scotland, ClimateXChange and the Met Office met with Scottish stakeholders yesterday (24 January) at an event to hear more about the UK Climate Projections (UKCP18) and to discuss how to make the most of them.

Representatives from the Climate Challenge Fund team at Keep Scotland Beautiful were pleased to attend the event to find out more and discuss how the projections might be communicated to communities.

The UKCP18 was launched in November 2018 and provides the most up-to-date assessment of how the climate of the UK may change over the 21st century.


General UK climate change trends

General climate change trends projected over the UK show an increased chance of milder, wetter winters and hotter, drier summers with an increased likelihood in the frequency and intensity of extremes, such as heatwaves and storms when it does rain in the summer. Sea-level rise will occur for all greenhouse gas emission scenarios and at all locations around the UK.

Climate projections for Scotland

Climate projections are available for all areas of the UK, so communities across Scotland can see how their climate is predicted to change. Differences between the general UK trends and projections for Scotland include precipitation and sea level rise. Changes to summer and winter precipitation for Scotland (particularly the north of the country) are projected to be less compared with areas in the south of the UK. The pattern of sea level rise is also not uniform across the UK, with it being less in Scotland than the south.

Find out more

You can learn more about the UKCP18 projections and how the associated tools could be of use to your community or organisation on the Met Office website.

Our Guide to Climate Change leaflet covers causes and impacts of climate change, plus ways to tackle it. The leaflet has been produced as part of our management of the Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) on behalf of the Scottish Government and we encourage CCF Grant Recipients and other community-led organisations to share the Guide with their communities. Please see here for a print ready version of the leaflet.


25 January 2019

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