Opportunity to extend Feed in Tariff eligibility beyond March 2019

The Feed in Tariff closes on 31st March 2019, however Local Energy Scotland have confirmed that communities can get a 12-month extension to this through a simple pre-registration process.

This is a great opportunity for small scale solar PV on buildings and Local Energy Scotland can help with advice and funding to help you secure the last of the Feed in Tariff.

What’s involved?

• Community groups can pre-register any non-domestic building before the end of March 2019 (even one not owned by the group), as long as you will own the generation equipment
• Pre-registration is a simple process – you just need to complete a short application and provide the building’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) along with a reasonable estimate of the size of installation
• Once this is done, you have 12 months to build and commission your project and still receive the January 2019 Feed in Tariff rates for the next 20 years
• You can pre-register more than one building and there is no obligation to progress a project, so you could pre-register several buildings to keep the door open for the best opportunities to progress over the next 12 months

There is potential for local authority and community partnerships to follow the successful model of the Edinburgh Solar Co-op, where 23 Edinburgh City Council buildings host community-owned solar panels. The community gets the Feed in Tariff income, while the council can benefit from the low-cost generation. It’s certainly worth contacting your local authority to explore opportunities like this.

How can Local Energy Scotland help?

Visit Local Energy Scotland's website to find out more about this opportunity.

If you need support in working out the appropriate scale of an installation, getting an EPC or supplying the required information to Ofgem, Local Energy Scotland have staff ready to help. They can also support eligible applicants looking to secure pre-registration through the CARES Enablement Grant and are happy to chat through the specifics of any request.

You can also contact Local Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2288 or email at info@localenergy.scot.

15 February 2019

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