Litter on M80 Robroyston Junction a lethal problem

The infamous M80 Robroyston junction is becoming an increasingly dangerous area for those clearing litter from the roadside, with nearly 700 items of litter found in just one day.

As part of our Roadside Litter campaign’s Phase Two, we are expanding the geographical reach of our monitoring to build a more robust picture of what people are throwing out of their vehicles onto the road. The first of these surveys was carried out in January, supported by campaign partners Scotland Transerv, and we discovered litter on the junction is becoming a mounting problem.

In just one day of surveying, we found 644 items of litter, which included  91 fast food items, 90 single-use cups, 54 cans, 36 plastic bottles and 27 straws.

Roadside Litter Campaign Officer, Georgina Massouraki, commented on how the scale of the problem at this one junction is testament to the dangers roadside litter poses to crews across the country:

“This is just a snapshot of the issue of roadside litter in Scotland.

“Teams from the likes of Scotland Transerv risk their lives to clean up after others and protect drivers from larger drifting items of litter, as well as protect wildlife and stop our landscapes from becoming an eyesore.”

“Crews are fighting a losing battle to keep our road verges clean, which is a frustrating waste of resource that could be avoided if everyone simply gave their litter a lift.”

The road operator’s own data shows that in the past year, this area was litter picked 22 times, with a total 228 bags of litter uplifted, as well as 89 large items.

Scotland Transerv also reported they picked 451 sacks of litter in January alone on Scotland’s trunk roads in the south west.

They said on social media: “During January alone, our operatives risked their own safety to remove 451 bags of motorway litter, carelessly discarded by drivers. Please follow Keep Scotland Beautiful’s advice and #GiveYourLitterALift.”

Going forward we’ll be working more closely with road operators to better monitor -and tackle- roadside litter.

Keep an eye on our social media and website for more information on the Roadside Litter campaign and help us spread the word with our online resources.

08 February 2019

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